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Wrongful Death 

A wrongful death occurs when an individual is killed as a result of negligent or unlawful act by another individual. Wrongful death lawsuits can be brought against individuals, companies, government agencies.


Who can sue for a wrongful death situation?

  • Spouse or partner of the deceased

  • Children of the deceased

  • A person entitled to the deceased estate


What are the damages that can be recovered?

  • Economic: this includes compensation for the victim’s loss of expected earnings, expected household contributions, medical expenses and funeral costs

  • Noneconomic: these damages include emotional distress, loss of care, and loss of companionship

  • Punitive: Addressing bad conduct or willful violation of the laws which resulted in the death


Lepera + Associates, PC can assist you with evaluating a wrongful death claim, gathering evidence in support of the claim, and filing the claim against the responsible parties.

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