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Have you or other employees over the age of 40 been terminated or laid off? Are promotions being granted to younger employees with less qualifications. If so, you might have a potential claim for age discrimination.

Age Discrimination Employment Act
The Age Discrimination Employment Act (ADEA) is a federal law that protects employees that are at least 40 years old. Employers cannot make decisions regarding an employee’s employment based off their age.

How can age discrimination be seen?

  • Termination/layoff

  • Hiring

  • Unequal pay

  • Demotion and denied promotions 

  • Denied benefits 

  • Harassment to retire

  • Changes in work duties

If you believe that you are being discriminated against at the workplace, contact the attorneys of Lepera + Associates, PC. They can help you bring a claim against the discriminating party and help you stand up for your rights.

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